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ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

Examplify provides the intuitive of offline testing platform your institution needs to maintain a secure, stable exam environment.

Secure Software Infrastructure

Examplifys framework allows for easier maintenance and operating system updates, so students can test on the latest software versions available for their devices.

Intuitive Interface

Examplify makes navigating through exams both easy and enjoyable, with an efficient user experience and a simpler interface. This includes an enhanced exam taker dashboard, which allows students to easily check the status of their exams.

An Expansion of Coveted Features

Enhanced optional user features have been designed to create a more dynamic exam experience from start to finish. Examplify offers multiple highlighting options to choose from when making note of crucial points within an item, as well as multiple alarm settings and a scientific calculator for intricate formulas.

Here you can download Examplify for Free