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Tag After School


Tag After School is an addictive game that you can play when you get home from school. You can create all sorts of shapes and pictures from the traffic around you. It can actually make your drive faster than it is.


It’s very interesting to play, and there are some puzzles you can solve. You have to choose one option. Other characters may ask you questions or ask you to perform a task. These questions will be posed to you based on your position and choice.


The story is fascinating and the gameplay is great. This game is a unique look at high school life and will keep you engaged until the end. After Shota-Kun is made to go to school by herself, it begins. It is very realistic and you can feel tension in the atmosphere. Each character has its own personality and is well-developed.

Help Shota-Kun Navigate School

The school is completely deserted and there are no students. Shota-Kun is terrified and must find his way around school. He will be able to find his way through many rooms and corridors and must make decisions that will decide his fate. He will be guided by the player to make the right decisions and not get into trouble or lose. You will need to use your brain to succeed in this game.

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