The Greatest Hits: Nintendo DS and its Top 20 Bestsellers

  • 2018-07-11
  • Jason Sword
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In our days and times, Nintendo DS is the same thing, which Game Boy used to be back in its golden epoch.

And if you doubt the cultural significance of this handheld artifact then consider this:  according to Statista [1], as of 2018 Nintendo DS has sold 145 million devices, which makes it the second best-selling gaming gadget in the world.

Well, it's no wonder. Especially when you have an assortment of such awesome games! And many of them righteously deserve to be labeled "legendary".

We've prepared a list of top 20 Nintendo DS games for you.

1. Final Fantasy IV

Originally a port of Final Fantasy II, it actually ended up as almost a standalone game. It retained the original charm, hero crew and battle system of its analogue. However, 3D graphics gave a new life to the game, making it MOAR epic and captivating. Unfortunately, it was the only Final Fantasy remake on such an epic scale.

2. Animal Crossing: Wild World

That sorta Sims-like game was famous for developing an addiction pretty fast. And its DS version would make the case completely hopeless and incurable. Why? Because your tiny virtual village and house could be anywhere with you, 24/7! Moreover, it was possible to visit your friends' villages online and either play nicely with each other or do some nasty trolling. The touchscreen was a huge plus.

3. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

This tactical RPG made you accompany prince Marth on his numerous adventures. You know: magic, swords, evil dragons/wizards and anime stylistics. Touchscreen made the game admirably smooth to control, since the battle arena was solely based on a grid. Online playing was an option too.

4. Kirby Super Star Ultra

It was another port of an original Super Nintendo ES game. However, it had undergone major plastic surgery, and the graphics became more picturesque and juicy. As a pleasant addition, Kirby's adventures would include exclusive missions and other extra content. Add it to the extensive gameplay, dramatic boss brawls and hours of almost self-consuming fun would ensue.

5. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

A strange epic cross-platform saga. There was a secret evil organization, mischievous protagonists and also Disney worlds to visit. The visuals made the game truly outstanding, so roaming throughout the famous Disney locations was marvelous.

6. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Time travelling, battles and boundlessly silly humor. Luigi and Mario get to meet their own immature and little personas. Possibly it was the most uncommon Mario-Luigi game but it never failed to provide hours of fun. The linear movement system could make you berserk at times though. 

7. Super Mario 64 DS

That's the game that Nintendo DS made its fateful debut with. Indeed, what else could be better that one of the Nintendo's most cherished classics? And even if you completed the preceding version of the game, it was still a bloody ton of fun to repeat this adventure on DS. An array of playable characters - Wario, Yoshi and Luigi - was a nice topping.

8. The World Ends With You

Another game with anime aesthetics, only this time a bit different from Kingdom of Hearts. First of all battle system of TWEWY made you use both screens during a brawl. Then you had to keep in your head specific touchscreen motions to produce attacks. Third, you even had to yell into the microphone. Yes, it was best to avoid playing TWEWY in a public place...

9. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

This game was a benefit dedicated to the №1 antagonist in the Mushroom Kingdom. Especially it's memorable for:

  1. a) Presence of schizophasic extra-villain Fawful.
  2. b) Playing as Bowser.
  3. c) Playing as monstrously big Bowser.

Perhaps, the game is the most bizarre Mario title.

10. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

We don't know many games about attorneys. But this one conquered a cult status. You'd have to investigate crimes, appear in court and expose true villains. Half-game, half-visual novel spawned numerous sequels. But are they as charming and a bit naive as this DS version?

11. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

In this Zelda iteration, you had a rare opportunity to travel throughout the overworld... on a Spirit Train. Speed and direction controlling were included. It was indeed a little engine that could make you say "Choo-choo" involuntarily.

12. New Super Mario Bros.

Heavily polished and remade 3D version of the old-school Mario Bros game. It sorta revived the classic platformer, thanks to enhanced graphics, more realistic physics and of course Koopa-troopas devilish, yet sexy choreography.

13-14. Pokémon Black/White & Black/White 2

While fighting Team Plasma and their enigmatic leader N in the Pokémon B/W was quite enjoyable, the sequel Pokémon B/W 2 was even more fun. Thanks to new effects, new animation, new gameplay elements (Repel promt) and of course new back-story. Although Pokémon B/W 2 seemed to be superior compared to its predecessor, they are still inseparable. Like WarCraft's Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

15-16. Pokémon Diamond/Pearl & Platinum

Before there was Pokémon Go, there was Pokémon DPP. It truly was the Renaissance of the Pokémon games. Why? Well, because it had fancy visuals, online mode and finally the central gimmick: super simple Pokémon trading.

17. Chrono Trigger

Yet another Nintendo ES classic title adapted for DS. This old-school saga was irresistibly magnetic because of the uncountable locations, twisted plotline, historic eras, infinite replay value, Prometheus R-66Y and just megatons of extra-content.  By the way, the DS version didn't require an infinite time to load, as the PlayStation version did.

18. Mario Kart DS

Obviously, it's the best mobile port of the Mario Kart. The reason is that controls are as smooth as the finest peanut butter. And also the selection of racing tracks can be characterized as exquisite. And of course, online playing was available too. The shaking though, my goodness...

19. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

To compensate for the Wind Waker's fiasco, they released this. And it was a happy thought! The game had shiny, cartoon-like graphics, multiplayer battle between Link and Phantom Guardians and also flawless controls along with a fascinating plotline. The peace in galaxy was restored.

20. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

What's so fantastic about this game? Well, let's see... How about the opportunity to pick any Pokémon from the horde of 500 Pocket Monsters? And the legend says that even Ditto itself is somewhere out there to be caught and trained. Even Ditto...

What is your all-time №1 DS game? Share your opinion and nostalgia with us!

 Source: [1]

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