Golden Sun

Platform: Gameboy Advance
  • Developer
    Camelot Software Planning
  • Published name in USA
    Golden Sun
  • Release date in USA
    November 11, 2001
  • Published name in Europe
    Golden Sun
  • Release date in Europe
    February 22, 2002
  • Published name in Japan
    Golden Sun
  • Release date in Japan
    August 1, 2001
  • Genre
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Golden Sun: Review

In a dark time, an epic adventure begins as evil slowly envelops the wold! The forces of darkness are pursuing the lost art of Alchemy, and as they draw ever closer to their foul purpose, mankind's future hangs in the balance. You and your companians are the last hope: armed with noble weapons, mysterious Psynergy and a host of elemental creatures, you must find a way to stem the evil tide. Your ordinary life is over as a Golden Sun rises above you and forever broadens your horizon! An epic RPG adventure shines forth on the Gameboy Advance! Incredible graphics, absorbing storyline and a huge world awaits! Link up with Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable and square off your parties in a no-holds-barred battle! Imortant warning: Do not connect the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable to a Game Boy Advance system containing a different language version of Golden Sun. Doing so may cause the loss of your

Golden Sun: Screenshots

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