Super Ghouls N Ghosts

Platform: Gameboy Advance
  • Developer
  • Published name in USA
    Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  • Release date in USA
    September 23, 2002
  • Published name in Europe
    Super Ghouls N Ghosts
  • Release date in Europe
    September 27, 2002
  • Published name in Japan
    Super Ghouls N Ghosts
  • Release date in Japan
    July 19, 2002
  • Genre
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Super Ghouls N Ghosts: Review

As dauntless knight Arthur you are caught up in the most dangerous of quests! A spell has been cast upon the kingdom. Your fair maiden, Princess Prin Prin has been snatched up by the evil emperor. Only as Arthur can you get her back from the creatures of the undead that haunt the land. Test your courage and skill to the limit. You must keep up the quest. On your journey, your mightiest weapon of all awaits you... MAGIC!

Super Ghouls N Ghosts: Screenshots

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