Donkey Kong Land III

Platform: Gameboy
  • Developer
    Rare Ltd.
  • Published name in USA
    Donkey Kong Land III
  • Release date in USA
    September 1, 1997
  • Published name in Europe
    Donkey Kong Land III
  • Release date in Europe
    January 1, 1997
  • Genre
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Donkey Kong Land III: Review

Fame-and-fortune seekers have flooded Donkey Kong Country in search of the fabled Lost World. You command Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong through 36 Kong-sized levels of action and adventure. Use your animal friends - Squitter the spider, Squawks the parrot, Ellie the elephant, Enguarde the swordfish and Parry the parallel bird - to help you prove your adventuring skills and find the Lost World before someone else does!

Donkey Kong Land III: Screenshots

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