Double Dragon

Platform: Gameboy
  • Developer
    Technos Japan
  • Published name in USA
    Double Dragon
  • Release date in USA
    January 1, 1989
  • Published name in Japan
    Double Dragon
  • Release date in Japan
    July 20, 1990
  • Genre
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Double Dragon: Review

From popular Nes, arrives for the Game Boy Double Dragon. It is relatively almost the same version except with some variations. For those who do not know Duble Dragon, is a video game street fight where you'll have to defeat your enemies with kicks and punches, plus you can use their weapons that can be whips, bats and knives throughout your voyage in order to rescue a lady kidnapped. Double Dragon video game was a very daring at a time where violence was rare in the game. What makes it very effective despite the passage of time. Fun guaranteed.

Double Dragon: Screenshots

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