Metroid Prime Hunters

Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Developer
    Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
  • Published name in USA
    Metroid Prime Hunters
  • Release date in USA
    March 20, 2006
  • Published name in Europe
    Metroid Prime Hunters
  • Release date in Europe
    May 5, 2006
  • Published name in Japan
    Metroid Prime Hunters
  • Release date in Japan
    June 1, 2006
  • Genre
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Metroid Prime Hunters: Review

The Hunt is on ...Who is the Galaxy's Most Elite Bounty Hunter? Before Metroid PrimeHunters, the answer was easy. Now that six other ferocious bountyhunters have gathered to challenge Samus, the title is up for grabs.Metroid Prime Hunters delivers the most intense first-person multiplayeraction ever experienced on a hand-held system, and with Nintendo Wi-FiConnection you can test your skills against players from around theworld. From its stunning graphics to its super-smooth gameplay, Metroid PrimeHunters showcases the awesome power of Nintendo DS. The Adventure modeis a fun diversion, but it's the multiplayer action that will keep youplaying this game for years to come. With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection,you'll always have a pool of hunters waiting to challenge your skills. Features Engage in intense four-player deathmatches either locally or against players from around the world with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.Battle with seven elite bounty hunters, each with unique alternate forms and specialty weapons.Customize your multiplayer matches with over 20 expertly designed arenas and seven intense modes of play.Unlock multiplayer features by completing an all-new single-player mission in Adventure Mode.   A Multiplayer Masterpiece Metroid Prime Hunters delivers an engaging single-player experience, butwithout a doubt it's the multiplayer arena where Hunters shines. Thegame features seven multiplayer modes of play, over 20 battle arenas,and seven bounty hunters to choose from, each with a unique alternateform and special weapon. Four players can compete using just one game card, and additionalfeatures and modes of play become available if each player has his orher own copy of the game. With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can putyour skills to the test against other players from around the world. Youmight be able to school your little brother, but how will you stack upagainst the globe's elite bounty hunters? For more details on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer gameplay, staytuned to Multiplayer Modes Here is a quick overview of the seven modes of play in Metroid PrimeHunters, available in both local and online play. Battle -- Anything goes in Battle Mode, where your goal is to eliminateyour opponents in a timed deathmatch. Rack up more kills than yourcompetitors to score a victory. Survival -- In Survival Mode, you begin the game with a limited numberof lives. The goal is simple -- drain your enemies' stock of livesbefore your own runs out and be the last hunter standing. Bounty -- Fight for the possession of an Octolith and be the firsthunter to deliver it to the drop point to succeed in Bounty Mode. Thisis pure bounty hunting at its finest. Defender -- Defender is how bounty hunters play King of the Hill. Securethe designated area and accumulate points while you are the only hunterto occupy it. Prime Hunter -- Gain the coveted enhanced powers of the Prime Hunter,and see how long you can keep them while the competition tries to endyour reign. Keep Prime Hunter status the longest to win. Capture -- Your goal in Capture Mode is to raid the enemy team'sterritory and steal their precious Octolith. Score when both Octolithsare safe at your base. Nodes -- Explore the arena to find Node Rings, and earn points whilethey are under your control. The hunter who reaches the point goal firstwill win the match. Adventure Mode In the single-player Adventure Mode, Samus embarks on a quest to findpowerful relics left behind by an ancient warrior culture. But Samusisn't the only bounty hunter on this mission. Along the way, she'll haveto fight off the galaxy's most elite hunters who hope to harness thepower for themselves. Hone your skills and unlock bounty hunters for use in Multiplayer Mode by completing the single-player adventure.Explore multiple stages collecting Octoliths, and prevent other bounty hunters from stealing them along the way.Engage in brutal boss battles at the conclusion of each stage.Classic Metroid puzzle-solving is mixed with intense shooting action for an all-new Metroid experience.   The Hunters Each of the seven bounty hunters in Metroid Prime Hunters has a uniquealternate form and special weapon. Which hunter will be your favorite? Samus -- Samus Aran is well-known throughout the galaxy as an efficientand experienced bounty hunter. Few other hunters can compete withSamus's long history of successful missions, most of which were carriedout against seemingly insurmountable odds. Trace -- Trace is a Kriken, one of the most hated and feared races inthe galaxy. Every Kriken, when he reaches a certain age, is exiled byits clan for a rite of passage. Trace is currently in exile, travelingthe galaxy looking for planets to expand the Kriken empire. Noxus -- Noxus is a member of the Vhozon, a proud and reclusive racethat inhabit the outer rim of the galaxy. A spiritual being who walks aharsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a Bounty Hunter to administerjustice to the galaxy’s criminals and evildoers. Spire -- Spire is thought to be the sole remaining Diamont, an ancientrace of silicon-based lifeforms whose bodies are composed of organicrock. Spire travels the galaxy as a bounty hunter searching forinformation on the location, or fate, of the rest of his people. Sylux -- Little is known about the mysterious bounty hunter known asSylux, other than the fact that Sylux harbors an intense hatred for theGalactic Federation and the bounty hunter who has helped the Federationtime and time again -- Samus Aran. Weavel -- Once a powerful Space Pirate General, Weavel was criticallywounded during an altercation between the Space Pirates and Samus Aran.With just his brain and spinal cord still functional, his body was fusedwith a mobile life support system. Kanden -- A lab experiment gone awry, Kanden was created to be theultimate soldier. However, stress from the neural combat encodingsequences was more than Kanden’s still-mortal brain could handle, andleft him ferocious, deadly and dangerously unpredictable.   Source:

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