Blast Chamber

Platform: Playstation
  • Developer
    Attention To Detail
  • Published name in USA
    Blast Chamber
  • Release date in USA
    September 30, 1996
  • Published name in Europe
    Blast Chamber
  • Release date in Europe
    November 1, 1996
  • Published name in Japan
    Blast Chamber
  • Release date in Japan
    December 27, 1996
  • Genre
    Action, Puzzle
  • Content rating
    ESRB: T
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Blast Chamber: Review

The year is 2096. There is only one spectator sport left, BLAST CHAMBER. Take the role of one of the nameless contestants raised by the Stable and see if you can get out alive. In the allotted time of The Game, you must make your way through a rotating chamber to a crystal. Otherwise, the bomb strapped to your back is going to explode. Not everyone is successful, and at some point, your remains are going to decorate one of the 60 levels. To spread the fear of time, challenge your friends to an Eliminator match, in which the last man standing wins, or a Free for All, he who dies least, wins. Whoever can survive the BLAST CHAMBER just might win his freedom. Your mission is simple You're going to be thrown into a chamber with a load of highly explosive C4 strapped to your body. The countdown begins as you scramble, both against opponents and in solo-player modes, through a rotating, obstacle-laced, lethal chamber. Your goal is to snag the crystal, gain control of the game, and stay alive. Lose control and you're toast. Battle your way through 60 dynamic and explosive chambers as you race against the clock! You will compete for your life in multiple gameplay modes, both as a solo player and in multi-player struggles. Face off against the clock or struggle to send your opponent into oblivion with 3 different gameplay modes and 2 challenging tournament options: Solo Survivor: You will advance, as a single player, through 40 progressively difficult chambers in a predetermined order before time runs out. Place your crystal in the score zone to survive and advance to the next chamber. Fail and you're cat food. Eliminator: Battle against up to 3 other players in a competition that will take you through 20 totally different and challenging chambers. Winner is the last one alive. Losers are hosed off the walls. Free-For-All: This is a two to four player mode that pits you against your opponents in 20 totally twisted chambers. You will battle for a fixed period of time...when players explode, they are miraculously returned to the chamber, but have lost a life. The player who dies the fewest number of times wins. We recommend you try not to die at all. Tournament Modes: There are tournament modes for both Eliminator and Free-for-All games. Battle to the death.

Blast Chamber: Screenshots

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