CTR - Crash Team Racing

Platform: Playstation
  • Published name in USA
    CTR - Crash Team Racing
  • Release date in USA
    July 15, 1999
  • Published name in Europe
    CTR - Crash Team Racing
  • Release date in Europe
    July 15, 2024
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CTR - Crash Team Racing: Review

CTR: Crash Team Racing [PAL].

For me, one of the best karting games of all time. It has good controls, nice level design, and good sound. In the game, there are many modes that you can choose: Adventure - normal game where you race in all levels collecting trophies and keys (and other prizes), to be able to race the bosses and, in the end, face Nitros Oxide, the alien that challenges you; Time Trial - you can race any level and try to finish them in the best time possible without prize boxes; Arcade - there's a normal game and cup, where you race a number of levels to win; and the Vs. - play with a friend (or 3) and see who's the best racer. This game is more of a spin-off as it doesn't really follow the story of the original series, but it was the last Crash Bandicoot made by Naughty Dog. Play this game trying to get everything, as it gives many challenges to beat, like the relic races, in some levels it can be very hard to complete. Drive Fast!

CTR - Crash Team Racing: Screenshots

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