Streets Of Rage

Platform: Sega Genesis
  • Developer
  • Published name in USA
    Streets of Rage
  • Release date in USA
    December 31, 1990
  • Published name in Europe
    Streets Of Rage
  • Release date in Europe
    January 1, 1991
  • Published name in Japan
    Streets Of Rage
  • Release date in Japan
    August 2, 1991
  • Genre
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Streets Of Rage: Review

The city was once a happy, peaceful place...until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over. This vicious syndicate soon had control of the government and even the police force. The city has become a center of violence and crime where no one is safe. Amid this turmoil, a group of determined young police officers has sworn to clean up the city. Among them are Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. They've decided to put their lives on the line and take back their city through their special hand-to-hand combat abilities. They are willing to risk anything, even their lives, on the Streets of Rage. From: 

Streets Of Rage: Screenshots

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