Sim City 2000

Platform: Super Nintendo
  • Developer
  • Published name in USA
    Sim City 2000
  • Release date in USA
    November 1, 1996
  • Published name in Europe
    Sim City 2000
  • Release date in Europe
    August 2, 1996
  • Published name in Japan
    Sim City 2000
  • Release date in Japan
    May 26, 1995
  • Genre
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Sim City 2000: Review

The world is your canvas, and it's up to you to build your very own city from scratch. Everything from the terrain to every building is up to you to decide. You are the mayor and it's up to you to attract potential citizens to your town. Keep up on the housing, mass transportation, industries and commerce and you may turn your small, unknown town into a metropolis--that is, until a fire or alien invasion decides to destroy it!

Sim City 2000: Screenshots

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