Bomberman 64

Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Developer
    Hudson Soft
  • Published name in USA
    Bomberman 64
  • Release date in USA
    December 2, 1997
  • Published name in Europe
    Bomberman 64
  • Release date in Europe
    November 1, 1997
  • Published name in Japan
    Bomberman 64
  • Release date in Japan
    September 26, 1997
  • Genre
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Bomberman 64: Review

The evil Altair is using the Omni Cube to drain the energy from Planet Bomber. With the aid of a mysterious helper, you must defeat Altair, and restore peace to Planet Bomber. In the Adventure mode, guide Bomberman through twenty-four areas of perilous conflict. Battle Altair's sinister allies, destroy their bases, and put an end to the insane attack. The multi-player Battle mode offers endless hours of explosive action. Use the standard Bomberman character or create a custom one and save it to an N64 Controller Pak.™Single-player Adventure and multi-player Battle modes! Twenty-four levels of action and adventure! Solve puzzles and find secret areas! Game Pak memory saves three different game files! Save a custom Bomberman to your N64 Controller Pak!- From game back cover

Bomberman 64: Screenshots

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