Mario Party

Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Developer
    Hudson Soft
  • Published name in USA
    Mario Party
  • Release date in USA
    February 8, 1999
  • Published name in Europe
    Mario Party
  • Release date in Europe
    March 9, 1999
  • Published name in Japan
    Mario Party
  • Release date in Japan
    December 18, 1998
  • Genre
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Mario Party: Review

Grab your friends, your family, your enemies, and a callus palm, because it's always a good time with Mario Party! The game is simple. Choose one of several different game boards, choose your characters, number of turns, and your off to adventure! Up to four players duke it out to the top in pursuit of being the superstar, by collecting as many coins and stars as they can. As they move around the board, they have chances to hinder other players, hinder themselves, and play minigames that reward coins to the victor, which can be traded for items or the all important stars that win the game.

Mario Party: Screenshots

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