Mario Party 2

Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Developer
    Hudson Soft
  • Published name in USA
    Mario Party 2
  • Release date in USA
    January 24, 2000
  • Published name in Europe
    Mario Party 2
  • Release date in Europe
    October 13, 2000
  • Published name in Japan
    Mario Party 2
  • Release date in Japan
    December 17, 1999
  • Genre
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Mario Party 2: Review

Mario and the gang are back for another round of Bowser-bashin' party action! Watch as your favorite Nintendo characters don different duds for each of the five all-new Adventure Boards! A slew of new tricks and devices bring new levels of challenge and excitement to board game play. New board maps, new Mini-Games, new action and new surprises means a whole new batch of fun! Get ready to unleash your best Hip Drops, hammer swings and high-flying high junks for another round of frenzied multi-player action!

Mario Party 2: Screenshots

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