Captain Planet And The Planeteers

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Developer
    Chris Gray Enterprises
  • Published name in USA
    Captain Planet and the Planeteers
  • Release date in USA
    September 1, 1991
  • Published name in Europe
    Captain Planet And The Planeteers
  • Release date in Europe
    August 20, 1992
  • Genre
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Captain Planet And The Planeteers: Review

Oil spills. Air pollution. Endangered animals. The award-winning TV show, Captain Planet & The Planeteers, has turned saving the Earth's environment into the ultimate adventure. Now it's your turn to go up against the most dangerous enemies our environment has ever faced. Looten Plunder. Duke Nukem. Dr. Blight... and more. The forces of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart are yours! Put them together and become Captain Planet. Your Eco-Copter is waiting!

Captain Planet And The Planeteers: Screenshots

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