Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Developer
    Nintendo R&D1
  • Published name in USA
  • Release date in USA
    October 18, 1985
  • Published name in Europe
  • Release date in Europe
    September 1, 1986
  • Published name in Japan
  • Release date in Japan
    November 30, 1984
  • Genre
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Excitebike: Review

Originally released on NES, October, 1985 Wii Points: 500 Face crazy curves, hairpin turns, and daredevil jumps as you race toward the checkered flag and the Excitebike championship. Race against the clock or challenge an opponent. You must keep your bearings as you fly through the air, and avoid getting clipped by other racers. Stay cool under pressure or your bike will overheat. If you get tired of racing on the circuit, create your own course in Design mode. There you have access to all the ramps, mounds, bridges, and other obstacles Excitebike has to offer. From: www.nintendo.com

Excitebike: Screenshots

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