Diddy Kong Racing

Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Developer
    Rare Ltd.
  • Published name in USA
    Diddy Kong Racing
  • Release date in USA
    November 24, 1997
  • Published name in Europe
    Diddy Kong Racing
  • Release date in Europe
    November 21, 1997
  • Published name in Japan
    Diddy Kong Racing
  • Release date in Japan
    November 21, 1997
  • Genre
  • Content rating
    ESRB: K-A, ESRB: E
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Diddy Kong Racing: Review

Nintendo's flagship game for the 1997 holiday season, race as Diddy or one of his friends in this Mario Kart style adventure to defend Timber the Tiger's Island and defeat the evil intergalactic Wizpig.

Diddy Kong Racing: Screenshots

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