Mario Kart 64

Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Developer
    Nintendo EAD
  • Published name in USA
    Mario Kart 64
  • Release date in USA
    February 10, 1997
  • Published name in Europe
    Mario Kart 64
  • Release date in Europe
    June 24, 1997
  • Published name in Japan
    Mario Kart 64
  • Release date in Japan
    December 14, 1996
  • Genre
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Mario Kart 64: Review

Mario Kart 64 races eight familiar faces, including Mario, Bowser and Yoshi, on four progressively tougher four-track circuits. Wide curves and gentle banks mark the Mushroom Cup tracks. Your commute gets notably tougher on the Flower Cup, though. You'll have to dodge semis rumbling on Toad's Turnpike and bounding boulders on fogbound Choco Mountain! Star Cup tracks range from the icy surfaces of Sherbet Land to the lava lakes of Bowser's Castle. The true test of karting competence, though, comes on the four tracks in Special Cup. Zip through the dark caves and green hillsides of Donkey Kong's Jungle Parkway, cling to the sheer cliffs of Yoshi Valley and hustle over haunted Banshee Boardwalk before tackling the longest track in the game: neon-lit Rainbow Road.

Mario Kart 64: Screenshots

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